Naseem Shah fires back at Aaqib Javed's Zaman Khan claim

Last week, Aaqib Javed, in a presser, rated Zaman Khan higher than Naseem Shah in white-ball cricket

Naseem Shah fires back at Aaqib Javed's Zaman Khan claim PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan fast bowler, Naseem Shah, has offered his thoughts in response to a statement made by former cricketer, Aaqib Javed, who had placed Zaman Khan ahead of Naseem in terms of their white-ball cricket abilities.

"In white-ball cricket, the skills that Zaman Khan has, we have recently been in Canada, I think he is one of the best death ball bowlers in the world right now. I rate him higher than Naseem in white-ball cricket," Aaqib had said.

When Naseem was asked to offer his perspective on Aaqib's comments, he articulated that he has never engaged in comparing himself to others.

"Have I ever said that I am a good bowler or am I better than someone?" Naseem said while talking to a local YouTube channel.

Naseem elaborated that his primary goal had always been to contribute to his team's victories and take wickets. Rather than measuring himself against his peers, he had dedicated himself to continuous improvement and evolution as a bowler.

"Look, everyone is better than me, I have never put an emphasis that I have to become better in comparison to others, I have always tried to win matches for my side and get wickets for my side. I have always tried to become a better bowler instead of comparing myself to others," he concluded.