PCB appoints new Director Commercial

Babar Hamid’s appointment was being seen as a potential clash of interest

PCB appoints new Director Commercial PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has secretly appointed Businessman Babar Hamid as the new Director Commercial. This position was assigned after Director Marketing Naila Bhatti and General Manager Sohaib Shaikh resigned from their positions.

Lahore-based businessman Babar Hamid will assume the responsibilities from June 1 onwards. Usually the PCB announces its appointments through its social media channels and press releases. The PCB however has remained tight lipped as far as the Director Commercial position is concerned. The appointment was confirmed through an announcement on the PCB website on Thursday.

The appointment of the director commercial for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had become a topic of controversy even before the official announcement.

The businessman’s appointment came under criticism for a potential clash of interest. In order to avoid controversy the board decided to not issue a press release.

Babar has previously been a part of the Islamabad United franchise. He was also a part of the team bidding process.

He owns an advertising agency in Lahore along with a restaurant. Last year, when the PCB issued tenders for the ground sponsorship, Babar Hamid’s firm was part of the bidding.

According to sources in Islamabad United, he was involved in getting sponsorship for the team. He received commission for his services. Babar had stopped working with the franchise a while back.

Sources said that the marketing department does not have a lot of responsibilities. Most of the work gets outsourced to outside marketing firms. The new management however is inclined to change the system in order to boost revenue.

This is why Babar is being prioritised since he has experience in business along with knowledge of the market rates. He has the potential to make PCB’s marketing department more profitable.

Many have argued however that the PCB will not gain much from appointing a businessman as he will only be looking forward to protect his own interests and make contacts for the betterment of his business rather than the PCB.