PCB bolsters anti-corruption measures to safeguard PSL

Anti-Corruption Officers are stationed in hotels and grounds alongside the teams

PCB bolsters anti-corruption measures to safeguard PSL PHOTO: Twitter

The reputation of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was seriously harmed by previous match-fixing incidents. Therefore, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is now taking strong measures in this regard.

Tariq Qureshi, the head of the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit, shared with 'Cricket Pakistan' that stringent actions have been taken to prevent players from associating with individuals of dubious backgrounds during the HBL PSL season 9.

Qureshi explained that each team has an Anti-Corruption Officer, tasked with ensuring compliance with ICC rules. These officers are stationed in hotels and grounds alongside the teams. Before the PSL season commenced, all participating teams were reminded to steer clear of suspicious elements, with Qureshi emphasizing the players' understanding that even a small mistake could jeopardize their careers.

When asked about any reports of suspicious contacts, Qureshi mentioned that, so far, no player has reported any such incidents. Qureshi stressed the need for advancements in technology and surveillance systems, currently relying on human intelligence and tips to prevent corruption.

Drawing from past experiences, Qureshi highlighted the lessons learned from strict actions taken against certain players. He pointed out that while fixing in cricket has become more challenging for bookies, human lapses still occur, necessitating vigilant monitoring of transactions. Suspected individuals are blacklisted by the ICC, and their details are shared with all member boards to foster caution among stakeholders.

In the HBL PSL, the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit representatives are absent since it is a domestic event. Nonetheless, Qureshi assured that his team is diligently fulfilling its responsibilities to maintain the integrity of the league.