Javed Miandad discriminated against me: Afridi

Former Pakistan all-rounder has made startling revelations in his autobiography 'Game Changer'

Javed Miandad discriminated against me: Afridi PHOTO: AFP

Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi’s autobiography ‘Game Changer’ is making headlines as he has made startling revelations regarding his relations with various big names of Pakistan cricket, including legendary batsman Javed Miandad.

The swashbuckling all-rounder has claimed in his autobiography that the former coach of Pakistan team, Javed Miandad did not let him participate in the batting practice before the Chennai Test against India in 1999.

“The tussle had started even before the series kicked off. Miandad had developed a strong opinion against fact, the day before I went to bat, Miandad didn’t even give me any net practice. So I had to practice on a stringed ball, alone, away from my teammates,” Afridi wrote in his book. 

Afridi also revealed that Miandad forced him to praise him during the presentation ceremony, which led to the all-rounder losing respect for the batting legend.

“That day I lost all my respect for Javed Miandad, supposedly one of the greats of the game but in reality, a small man,” he said. 

Former all-rounder also blamed legendary pacer Waqar Younis for Pakistan’s poor performance in the International Cricket Council (ICC) 2003 World Cup.

“Waqar Younis was a mediocre captain who couldn’t hold the team together. He couldn’t fight off the politics inside the dressing room,” he said. 

Afridi finally revealed the mystery around his age, as he corrected his official age registered in the cricketing record books.

“I was just nineteen, and not sixteen like they claim when I made my debut. I was born in 1975. So yes, the authorities stated my age incorrectly,” he said. 

Afridi also heaped praise on the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, for his efforts in trying to restore peace with the neighbour, India.

“From his peace overtures, I quote his first speech, about Pakistan taking two steps towards peace if the Indians take one step- an approach I personally believe in too, to opening the Kartarpur corridor and releasing the Indian Air Force pilot shot down by the Pakistanis in February 2019- peaceful relations with India are essential. Both countries, even the subcontinental region, will flourish,” he said.